Chris Vetter as Peter Grunenwald
Chris Vetter graciously steps into the role of Peter Grunenwald, subjecting himself to inhumane amounts of brief nudity. Luckily, it wasn't much different from his everyday life, which is why he comes off so naturally.
Liz Brown as Alicia Adore
Liz plays innocent, impressionable Alicia and uses those beautiful eyes every chance she gets. Makes it easy to let her steal the scenes she's in.
Andrew Dodson as Blaine Wingrave
Dodson plays Blaine, Pete's best friend who once again proves that grown men who teach sports to young girls are creepy and wrong.
Sharyn Freid as Carrie Trail
The reason for Pete's plunge into depression, Sharyn has the difficult task of playing the villain, but definitely gives Pete the shock of his life.
Kevin Kmetz as Dr. Roy Hampton
The Good Doctor Roy Hampton graduated from the Percy Yates Community College of Proctology and loves his job. But what's his connection to Blaine? Kmetz nails the best awkward situation ever put on video.
Laura Rauh as Lucy Loose
Lucy's infatuation with Peter leads him into the shady underbelly of porn. Laura will probably never come across a role as an aspiring adult film star again. I'm glad we were able to give it to her.
David Doyle as Marvis Foley
Dave plays the eccentric Marvis Foley, a photographer who gets a little carried away with anecdotes. As a testament to his craft, he actually researched how to hold a camera when shooting professionally.
Ken Kobus as Kenneth
Kenneth, Peter's arch-nemesis, provides some of the best moments in Birthday Boy in a role written solely for Ken Kobus. No one busts up a cornish hen like him.
Donald B. Henley III as Bruce
Sure his role is small and Bruce may just be the worst aspiring porn star ever, but you try and tell him that!
Jen Prindle as Nikki
Nikki provides a subtle connection between the volleyball team and an amateur porn studio. And Jen has the priviledge of uttering the classiest line in the movie.
Mike St. John as Harry
Mike St. John is not an actor. Nor is he a singer. Nor can he play guitar. The good news is that Harry isn't any of those things either. Song written by Tapped Out.

Lauren Blasier
Ashley Cicero
Jennifer Dillon
Kate Smykowski
Katie Wood

The Serene Heights Swallows

The Swallows are Blaine's volleyball squad, and only seemed mildly upset that Blaine wants them to stretch right in front of him.

Todd Seda as Ernie
Todd got the role of Ernie because of his menacing demeanor and easy access to a Kenny Rogers shirt. Note the rolled up cigs in his shirt.

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