America's Youth Support for Our Troops
January 28th, 2004

The following was sent to me by a friend who is currently in parts unknown fighting for our country. He explains it so eloquently, I'll refrain from adding quips...

Thomas Farina, United States Navy writes:

"So for the last two months we've been getting sent tons of Christmas cards
from elementary schools back in the states. You know the type: teacher tells
the kids to write a card for a sailor overseas, kids draw pictures of
snowmen and reindeer, say "you're the gr8est", and forget about it by the
time they've finished their first twinkie after recess. Some kids, however,
take the project to heart and attack it with a particular zeal, wrapping up
all their passions, hopes, and inspirations into an 8x10 piece of
construction paper that they know will be sent to an unknown someone halfway
around the world ... someone who will listen ... someone who will
understand. And we do understand . . . that there's too much South Park on
these days."


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