Whedon Need No Education

Welcome to the First Edition of the Nerd Condo Newsletter. It's a chance to dignify and deride the weekly happenings of the uncool (without spending hours photoshopping pictures and coming up with enough words to fill an entire article).

So I know a lot of people are praising Joss Whedon and Serenity, going so far as to forsake Lucas and place a guy without a real first name up on the pedestal That George Built. But I can guarantee Serenity will never create the fanbase, ripple effect or scope that Lucas has. As a self-proclaimed (and scientifically-proven) nerd, you would think I’d be into the idea of a quickly-canned sci fi show that got second life as a feature film. But I can't get excited about Whedon and his TV shows. I never enjoyed Buffy. Ditto for Angel. And I think Sci Fi TV shows have always suffered from Last Starfighter-quality special effects, effectively taking me out of the very environment it tried to make me believe in. And most of them are indirect descendants of Star Wars anyway. (Battlestar Galactica anyone?) Everything else falls in the Star Trek category, and that voyage sailed long ago. I have a friend who claims Whedon is a God simply for his work in the comic world. Okay, cool. But I think I’ll wait until he releases a movie that doesn’t require viewing 14 hours of cancelled television before buying a ticket. Serenity made 10 million dollars this weekend. I guess a lot of people agreed with me.

On the flip side of that, I can understand where the fans are coming from. I went crazy when I knew there was going to be a Twin Peaks movie oh so many years ago. And the rest of the world could have cared less. But at least Twin Peaks was a cultural phenomenon, something that captivated TV audiences and made it through 2 seasons. Perhaps Fox unjustly dropped Firefly and should have given Whedon the “benefit of the doubt.” But I don’t buy arguments of “How could they cancel Firefly when According to Jim is still on the air?!” because shows like According to Jim cost nothing to make. Firefly, on the other hand, cost around $2 million per episode. And when the budget for a TV show is bigger than the number of people watching it, you cancel the hell out of it. Except for Arrested Development, which deserves to run for another 5 years.

But for the record, According to Jim should have been cancelled on the first take of the first shoot of its first show.

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