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If you refer to Lord of the Rings as LOTR, then you are not only a nerd, but you are a geek. That surpasses our expertise, and you must leave.

A Christmas Present For You!

Welcome to this week’s Nerd Condo Newsletter, where we dignify and deride the weekly happenings of the uncool. A note to tenants: There is now a sign-up sheet for the gym. After going unused for 12 years, this sudden crowding is alarming, but can only be attributed to the release of this magazine:

Nerds around the country are weeping their lost connection to the fat, nerdy director.

Okay, I don't have much to speak about at the moment aside from the fact that we should all be ashamed and saddened Arrested Development may finally see its end. But that's for another time. Now is a time of joy and giving. And so I have something to give all of you. A little Christmas present in the form of a short film. I have not been sending out the Newsletter because we've been working to shoot it in time for the holidays. It should be posted by Christmas Eve for one and all to enjoy. And hopefully you will take part in the giving and pass it on to someone else, who will pass it on to someone else, who will pass it on to someone who gives out million dollar checks. Or maybe you'll just laugh and go open real presents. That'll be fine too.

So keep checking back next week. Rex Dexman should be ready to sing just for you.

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