Footloose II: Footloosier
A Film by C.W.
April 5th, 2005

Page 2: The Story

Scene Excerpt - Scene 1, Act 1

Plot Buildup
Arriving in Oklahoma, McCormack finds his town in a dilapidated state. Unemployment is high. As small famers have been bought out by large industrial farms, the people don’t truly own the town anymore. With no ownership of the land, they struggle, anchored to the land, forced to work it for a meager wage. Crime, violence, and drug use are rampant.

As McCormack rides into town in his vintage Volkswagen Beetle, Duran Duran blaring, he takes stock of what he’s seeing, and feels something akin to culture shock. He stops by the high school to find it in disrepair. The gymnastics program has been suspended. Looking to blow off some steam, McCormack can’t even find a suitable barn in which to conduct a high-intensity dance/gymnastics workout.
Above it all, though, McCormack is most disturbed by one overriding fact: Nobody is dancing.

Plot Sequence to Climax -
After burying Chris Penn, McCormack learns the mysterious circumstances surrounding Penn’s death, and comes to learn that Penn had been putting on free dance clinics. Sanderson, upon learning about Penn’s dance clinics, had ordered his strongmen to shut them down, using any means necessary, including smashing up Tiffany recordings with pool cues. In his rage, Penn responed, somewhat hotheadedly, by challenging Sanderson to his tractor-chicken death match.
Upon learning of Penn’s exploits, and the level of importance he’d put on dancing, McCormack feels obligated to take on Sanderson, just as he’d taken on the reverend in years past. He has reservations about this, however, and discusses it with the Reverend....

You’d better be handy with the steel
if you’re going to settle things with tractor chicken.

Scene Excerpt - Scene 3, Act 4
(so fresh, it still has grammatical errors)


And Now...The Conclusion You'll Never Believe, and The Cameo You Can't Miss!

Page 3: The Inevitable Dance-Off

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