Don't Break The Ice: The Drinking Game
May 28th, 2003

International Phenomenon

Here’s a classic for all of you still back in college, enjoying life as it should be. Years back, a game was invented by three geniuses given the names Tony, John, and Steve. They developed this masterpiece after tiring of card games the likes of Asshole and Circle of Death. Searching for a contest that challenged both mind and body, they unlocked the greatest secret of their childhood…and turned it into a drinking game.

In order to play this drinking game, you will require the board game "Don't Break the Ice" by Milton Bradley, and a sufficient amount of alcohol. Three to four players is ideal. Too many players dilutes the atmosphere of the game. Tell them to wait their damn turn. This is a game of skill, finesse, gut instinct, and the ability to drink. But before the action can begin, you must name the Iceman. My Iceman’s name is Sam. Don’t steal it. Now, someone must earn the right to place the blocks of ice into the game frame. To determine this, all players must do handstand pushups and drink a beer at the same time. If no one can do this, just pick someone at random.

This person gets to place the large block (with the Iceman figure) wherever they want. The person to his/her left goes first, and the action continues in a clockwise fashion.

Each player takes a turn knocking out a block. Once you begin to knock out a block, you must finish knocking it out. When a block is knocked out, others may fall with it. When the player is done knocking out his/her said block, they count up how many blocks fell. The player then gives out drinks according to the rules. The game ends when all the blocks, and Sam, have fallen. Here are the key rules of the game:

Rule 1: Giving out Drinks

Each block is worth 2 drinks. If the player knocks out only one block, he can only give two drinks to one person, but if he knocks out more than one, he can distribute the drinks to everyone playing (including himself, if he/she really wants to drink).

Rule 2: The One-Hit Rule

If a player takes the mallet, and knocks out the block he wants in one hit, then the One-Hit Rule comes into effect. This rule states that if only one hit is used to knock out a block, then the drink total is doubled. For instance, if the player one hits a block, and two more fall as well, then the normal total would be 6, but the One-hit Rule doubles it, making it 12 drinks to give out.

Rule 4: Knocking down the Iceman

If, at any point during the game, Sam falls from his place on the board, then the person with the mallet in his/her hand must take six drinks. They must also replace Sam without knocking him, or other block, out.

Rule 5: Losing the Game

A player loses the game when he knocks out the large block. The object of the game is to knock out all the blocks except the one with the Iceman. For drinking purposes, the iceman can fall off, but the game continues. After the loser knocks down the large block, he must take 10 drinks, or one shot, if available. Then the loser must clean up the blocks and place them back in the game frame to start a new game. The only positive aspect of losing is that you get to place the iceman wherever you want for the next round.

Rule 6: Winning the Game

Winning the game is a good feeling. The winner is the person who went right before the loser knocked out the large ice block. He's the winner because he forced the loser to make the mistake of knocking out the large block. Be proud. Celebrate.

Rule 7: There is a popular rule out there called Hammer Time!

So far there are no benefits to winning the game, until Rule 7 comes into play. For a 3 player game: If you win the game 3 times in a row, you are allowed to make a rule. For a 4 player: if you win the game 2 times in a row, you are allowed to make a rule. Example: A popular rule that has been made called Hammer Time! This allows the Winner of the last game to call back the mallet from the person next to him once a game. This can be valuable in the later stages of the game.

And now you have been presented with this great pastime. Share the greatness with friends, but always remember where you learned it.

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