Decking Crew Exclusive:
Tapped Out Releases Second Single

November 12th, 2003

The wait is finally over. Tapped Out has released its second single, Meet Some Chicks, exclusively on the DC site. If you've ever wondered if perfection could be encapsulated in sound, then you're a moron because that's a dumb thing to wonder. But if you've always wanted to hear a song with roughly three chords about scooping up the ladies, then get ready for some aural sex.


Download Meet Some Chicks


Reviews of Meet Some Chicks from Credible Sources:

"If it wasn't such a waste of my time, I may have liked it."
~ Spin Magazine

"Poignant, with sharp lyrics such as 'We're going to meet them, and meet them right.' Uh, we're Rolling Stone, so we'll just quote their lyrics, say we love it, but give it one star."
~Rolling Stone

"It'll blow your socks through your shoes. And if you don't have socks on, it will melt the skin from your feet and gamely lick the marrow from your bones."
~ No one said that, that's a ridiculous quote

"A perfect foil to Maneater on anyone's compilation CD"
~ Darryl Hall

"It would have been funny if David Cross wrote it."
~Someone Making a Valid Point

"The best song by two white guys since Private Eyes"
~ John Oates

"You call this an update?"
~Disgruntled Fan Who Wonders Where We Are

"Seriously, please someone just buy a Hall and Oates CD"
~Darryl Hall


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